How it works


When you subscribe you will receive one Letter in the mail every month, the Letters are mailed out on the second week of each month.

You will receive one Letter in the mail each month for 12 months.

Each Letter will be personally addressed to you, and delivered to your letter box giving a unique and on going interactive experience.


Gift Certificate 

The Tearoom Diaries is also the Perfect Gift for someone special and a subscription can be purchased and sent to a friend or loved one.

This option is great for Valentines day, Mothers day, Birthdays, Anniversaries and Christmas.

We have a Gift Certificate that you can download and send to them so they know that a Gift from you is on the way.  

After purchasing the Gift, feel free to either download the certificate to email as an attachment or print to give to the recipient for their special occasion.



What to expect 

Our Premier Collection consists of 12 Beautifully Crafted Letters taken from the diary of the main character Doris, each letter is illustrated to reflect the colour and romance of the 'Roaring Twenties'.

Letters will be posted out each month, the old fashioned way. There will be some whimsical surprises along the way creating a tangible and nostalgic link to a bygone era. Some letters will include charming Post Cards for you to keep or send to someone special, the choice is yours.